The National Shoot-to-Retrieve Field Trial Association

The National Shoot-to-Retrieve Field Trial Association (NSTRA) was started by a group of bird hunters who were looking for a way to extend the hunting season and provide more opportunities for bird hunting for individuals who do not have easy access to bird hunting habitat.  Field Trials, conducted under real bird hunting conditions, were the answer.  Not only does this format extend the hunting season, it also promotes a sportsmanlike environment for friendly competition with others who enjoy bird dogs, bird hunting and the great outdoors.

Incorporated in 1978, NSTRA is a non-profit association currently serving 32 regions in the lower 48 states and Canada.  NSTRA sanctions Field Trials throughout these regions which are open to all pointing breed dogs.  Entry fees are minimal.  Over 1,400 regional trials were conducted last year, and five (5) national championship trials.

Championship Points and Recognition

Championship points are awarded at all NSTRA sanctioned trials.  Once a dog accumulates 18 points, nine of which must be first place points, a championship certificate is awarded. 

Winners of the Region Elimination Trial and the 5 National Trials are also recognized as Champions.

NSTRA Website

For additional information about NSTRA, or to become a member of NSTRA, contact NSTRA Office, 226 N. Mill St. #2, Plainfield, IN 46168.  The phone number is (317) 839-4059, and the fax number is (317) 839-4197.  Or, you may visit NSTRA's website-

An Affiliate of the National Shoot-To-Retrieve Field Trial Association
The Alabama Region is an approved affiliate of NSTRA (the National Shoot-To-Retrieve Field Trial Association).